Sandy Curtis, Glass Artisan

unknownThere is something fascinating and fulfilling about creating with a medium which allows you to design with color and texture, order and symmetry.  Working with the versatile medium of glass, one is required to create in many diverse forms.  Drawing highly thought out designs, cutting the glass after careful and deliberate selection, soldering neat, proud lines — all this both calms and excites me.

Inspired by the Tiffany technique, my work is recognized by the delicate detail of design.  Loving the quiet solitude and stillness of my studio, the scent of pencil and paper, and the pulling of an idea from within, I am always drawn to simplicity and elegance.  I continually strive to achieve these qualities with each new design.

Approaching my fourth decade of full-time artistry, this tradition continues to be my goal.  I look forward with anticipation to each new day knowing there is still more to come.

Special Awards…

I have been participating in national juried art fairs and Renaissance Festivals since 1978. Among the seven special awards I have received is the “Master Artisan” Award from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. The award is described in these words:


“A Master Artisan will demonstrate a complete understanding of the skills, techniques and properties of materials used in a chosen medium. Proficiency in a variety of techniques will be shown. Traditional methods will be explored to their limits and challenged by experimentation and diversification within the chosen medium.”

“A thorough knowledge of design concepts and composition will be evident in all work. Work will exhibit integrity of design ideas, be original, integrated, and of consistently high quality in execution. Design assumptions and assertions will be clearly set forth and resolved. Each work will contain a personal artistic statement.”